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Google AdWords Keyword Tool (Beta)

By on November 14, 2009


The AdWords team have rolled out a completely overhauled keyword suggestion research tool. Smooth user interface and updates make using the new tool a much better experience.

In this article I will share some alternative uses for the AdWords Keyword Tool and run down the new features in this beta release.

Accessing the Beta Keyword Tool

To access the new beta AdWords Keyword Tool login to adwords.google.com, click the “Opportunities” tab,  find the current Keyword Tool link and then click the (beta) link.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The general purpose of this tool has always been to help advertisers find relevant, popular keywords.

As it turns out, the AdWords Keyword Tool is pretty useful for publishers and developers to get a  glimpse at this data for various reasons.

7 Alternative Uses of Google AdWords Keyword Tool

  • Cover all the bases of a specific niche.
  • Discover areas of interest to publish content about.
  • View what phrases are trending or becoming extinct.
  • Improve keyword optimization on your website.
  • Target untapped, low competition keywords.
  • Find complementary keywords for articles to boost ranking.
  • Find exact match available domain names to purchase.

New Keyword Tool Beta Features

The new AdWords tool enables you to search by keywords and a URL simultaneously. Additionally you can filter or browse results from popular defined categories found in the sidebar.

Also new in this beta release is the ability to search broad matches (the original standard) as well as Exact Match and Phrase Match keywords.

Once your searches are complete and you’re satisfied with keywords you see you can download all data for each keyword result or the entire table and let further research begin.


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