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Google: 55% of Search Queries Are 3+ Words, 70% Have No Exact Match

By on October 4, 2010

Danny Sullivan, Editor of Search Engine Land is tweeting live from the SMX East search marketing expo in New York that just got underway today.

In one very interesting update (shown below), Danny quoted Baris Gultekin, a representative of Google who detailed that 55% of all search queries contain three words or more.

says @barisg of @google 55% of queries 3+ words, 70% have no exact match, 20% never seen before in past 90 days #smx #1d2less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad

Of these billions of searches, 70% of search queries have no exact match, meaning they are not represented on any website at all.

New search queries are continually being created. Baris Gultekin goes on to say that 20% of searches have not been seen in the past 90 days. So, these queries may not be receiving a high volume of searches, but even a handful per day can provide good value to any website owner by growing overall traffic.

Rise of the Three-word Domains

I have been thinking about what the domain industry might look like a few years from now. There are a few things I believe will change drastically. Firstly, the introduction of new gTLDs will accommodate the exponential growth of the internet. Small businesses will adopt new TLDs for one and two-word brand names.

The other major change will be an abundance of three-word names as viable .Com domain options. There are millions more combinations of words and phrases that can be created. Three-word domains provide the opportunity to create a more detailed description of a business or target a specific niche audience.

Domain investors have been acquiring the best phrases and keyword terms for many years. Thousands of businesses are using three-word domains as brands and more will continue to follow suit.

With the introduction of Google Instant, people are using more keywords.

There is a lot of opportunity to find and acquire three-word domains to develop relevant content. This will provide an extremely competitive edge for ranking highly on Google for your domain keywords. Offer the world what they’re looking for and you will be repaid with significant advertising revenue and leads.

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