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GoodURLBadURL on blogspot.com

By on February 5, 2009

AaronGoldman.net is a search engine marketer by day and a URL (domain name) critic by night.  Today, Aaron sat down and gave his opinion on all of the domain names which appeared in this years Superbowl commercials.  If you visited Domaining.com it looked a little something like this…


And the list went on…

Spread the posts out a little next time please?

While I generally agree with Aaron’s opinions of what a good domain name is, it gets a little redundant.  We all know the basics and the whole GoodURLBadURL blog can be summed up by his “Best Practices” criteria (found in the side-bar).

I suppose his opinions could also be considered marketing advice since he is also critiquing commercials and advertisements.  But again, we all should  know how to display and place our domain names prominently within advertisements.

Sorry about the title of this post, I couldn’t help myself.


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