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GoDaddy’s Recommended Pricing for Premium Domain Listings and My First Sale

By on April 5, 2011

I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon to receive notice that a domain had sold through GoDaddy’s Premium Listings service. After logging in to check out the sale, I noticed something new; Recommended Pricing.

I’m not sure how long this feature has been live. I don’t recall seeing it before and the earliest I can find someone talking about it is just last month. A few months ago, I listed the majority of my portfolio and am now continuing to do so as new domains are acquired.

Today’s sale brought in several hundred dollars profit for a name that was available yesterday for just $19 to DotSauce Domain Club members. The domain (LinkCoupons) sold for $600. GoDaddy takes a 30% commission, so I am expecting a check for $420.

Recommended Pricing and Range

GoDaddy is using a keyword algorithm to generate an automated appraisal for domains as their recommended pricing. Oddly, this data is only shown after domains are submitted. I own mostly two-word keyword domains and found that the appraisals were moderate to low estimates, but interesting to review nonetheless.

A handful of keyword .CO domains had the highest recommended pricing, but I opted to price them significantly lower.

A price range is also displayed for each domain that goes from 50% off the recommended pricing to around 25% more. I think increasing the recommended price by 200% or possibly much more for quality domains is more appropriate pricing.

How It Works

GoDaddy Premium Listings work by advertising your domain to those searching for it or a very similar domain on GoDaddy.com. Instead of seeing “Sorry, this domain is unavailable.” a searcher will see “This name is available as a premium domain.”

As I previously mentioned, GoDaddy takes a hefty 30% commission on Premium Listings, so sellers should price accordingly for at least the minimum you are willing to accept plus 30%. Domains that have sold are conveniently transferred automatically to the new owners’ account and the price is not negotiable.

How To Add Premium Listings

Premium Listings have become a popular outlet for domainers in recent years. So, unless you have jumped ship for more elephant-friendly registrar, I highly recommend taking advantage of GoDaddy Premium Listings (especially after today) as a rewarding and passive means of domain sales marketing.

The process is simple to complete from your Domain Manager by following these steps.

  1. Select a domain or multiple domains
  2. Hover over the “Cash In” icon
  3. Select “Add to Premium Listing
  4. Set your asking price and select auto-renew listing

Note: I’ve noticed an issue when adding domains in bulk; the text-area is not pre-populated with selected domains so you will need to create a list of names and prices manually.

To view and modify your listings, hover over the green “Buy/Sell” tab in your Domain Manager and select “Premium Listings.”

Have you featured domains as GoDaddy Premium Listings?

Share your success stories and any suggestions you might have for fellow domainers using this service. What do you think about GoDaddy’s recommended pricing and price range? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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