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GoDaddy Is Restricting Whois Domain Registrant Information

By on January 1, 2011

In doing some research, I noticed GoDaddy showing limited registrant information when searching DomainTools Whois tool.

The new response from GoDaddy’s servers only returns the Registrant Name and Domain servers. Below that information, GoDaddy directs users to their own Whois tool for additional registrant information with a URL address.

Restricting registrant information is an unnecessary step for users searching for complete information on a domain. The tactic may also be unfair to DomainTools.com, other Whois services and competing domain registrars.

I attempted to look up registrant information for domains registered at GoDaddy on numerous other services and registrars. Some provided complete Whois information, but it may be that they do not have updated data. Many others are now showing the restricted information and URL to GoDaddy Whois.

To make a comparison, Register.com Whois does not seem to be affected yet, while DomainToolsMoniker, eNom and other Whois tools are displaying the restricted output.

In one case the URL for more information was not even displayed. (Shown above)

I believe registrant information should be made available to the public as defined in ICANN guidelines. Restricting public information is not the way to do it and expecting users to copy and paste a URL address is too far fetched.

What do you think of this move by GoDaddy? Please leave a comment below if you have any further information or would like to contribute your opinion.


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