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How to Use GMail Filters and Labels to Become a Domainer Pro

By on May 24, 2009

Creating labels and filters in GMail can be an easy way to save time and hassle managing a hectic inbox.  We simply don’t want to deal with emails coming in daily even though that information can be valuable.

Can we transform a simple GMail account into the workings of a domainer pro?

Sometimes you may feel like you need to quickly scan through a newsletter so that you can clean out your inbox for the day, when you would rather read it completely at a more convenient time.  This method may be a fix to that problem and save you time and frustration later.

GMail Filters can store all your newsletters and information under a common easy-to-search and find label.

GMail Labels also allow you to manage alot more information than you would usually be comfortable taking in.

2 Step Process for Filtering and Labeling Newsletters

Step 1. After you subscribe and begin receiving newsletters, immediately create a label and filter for each one. See Newsletter Suggestions below.

Select Filter

Step 2. Choose display features like skipping the inbox (handy for those daily newsletters) or placing a star icon. Then of course you create your label name. See Label Suggestions below.

Label It

A Label For Everything and Everything in It’s Label

Here are some Label suggestions to help keep all the various aspects of the domain business in order.

  • Available Domains
  • Domains For Sale
  • Domain Publications
  • Blog Newsletters
  • Affiliate Sales
  • Domain Tools Alerts
  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Renewals

You can create more detailed labels for virtually any type of email you will be receiving regularly.  Perhaps a label for your clients, advertisers, domain deals, payments sent, Registrant Alerts, Twitter followers, Google Alerts, etc.

Bonus Label Makeover Treatment

You can style your various labels so that you can easily recognize your favorite newsletters and emails as they arrive.

Color Labels

On to the Goods! Quality Domain Industry Newsletters

Here are some newsletter and information suggestions to get you started.  There is a vast amount of valuable information that can be delivered right to your email inbox.

Now you’ve got a constant eye on the domain industry that you can watch at your own pace!

There are plenty more blogs which may offer email newsletters.  Please feel free to comment and suggest more resources that can be delivered through email. I will only add to the list if they are well established and provide some sort of value.

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