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GMail Exploit Leads to Domain Theft

By on December 26, 2007

David Airey, a popular logo designer, was the unfortunate victim of an unusual domain name theft. While on vacation in India his GMail account was compromised through the use of a malicious injection of a filter which forwarded important messages to the hacker’s email and then deleted the messages permanently from David’s inbox. Thankfully, Google has corrected this exploit, albeit way too late. David’s flagship website and domain name DavidAirey.com is now in the hands of some evil prick who has attempted to sell the domain back for several hundred dollars. David refuses to put money in the hands of this thief and is now using the domain DavidAirey.co.uk.


Click here to read the full account of this domain theft, including taunting messages from the thief himself. Be sure to include a comment showing your support, post a link to David’s new domain to assist his search rankings or find a way to donate some money to getting the domain back if you feel obliged.

Is your Gmail account infected?

This exploit could be affecting you! Login to your GMail account now and click on “Settings” and then “Filters” to browse for any possible forwards which you may have not created yourself.

Getting The Domain Back

David has received an overwhelming sympathetic response to his loss. Many have offered suggestions and are helping to track down the thief. The domain was transferred to GoDaddy and is under a private registration. I believe he plans on taking the issue to court to get his domain back. In my opinion, Google should step up and take some responsibility. Good luck to you David! I am sure this fool will get what he deserves in the end.


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