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8 Ways to Get Rich with Domain Names in 2008

By on January 1, 2008

Bust out your crystal ball and start predicting the hottest pop culture domains to be in 2008. Here are a few places you can start…

1. Successfully predict the name of the next Jolie-Pitt child and snap up the name.


2. Successfully predict the sleeper hit exhibition sport of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Olympic Rock Stacking anyone?


3. Successfully predict the name of the next President’s “intern.” “I did not buy the domain of that woman!”


4. Successfully predict the next widespread virus scare. CactusFlu dot com, net, and org.


5. Successfully predict Osama Bin Laden’s mode of travel to see Allah… www.OsamaSoLonga.com


6. Successfully predict the name of the next America Idol Winner. You might want to add on the .TV extension for a few extra bucks.


7. Successfully predict the next worldwide natural disaster. The Tibetan Tsunami? The Antarctic Hurricane? The Samoan Famine?


8. Successfully predict the name of Britney Spear’s next baby daddy. This one could be huge, especially since Britney herself might not know.



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