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Get a Rush of Traffic to Your Blog

By on September 19, 2007


Update: December 2007

Blogrush has performed very poorly and has been removed from DotSauce. Feel free to try it youself, your results may be different. Effectiveness may increase if you refer alot of people, but I don’t recommend wasting you time.

BlogRush, a traffic sharing web application launched over this last weekend and so far has had a tremendous response from the blogosphere. The concept behind BlogRush is to share relevant links to articles through the use of RSS feeds. Each member places a snippet of code which generates a unique widget (You can see mine in the sidebar here.) Optimistically, you may be able to generate large exposure for your blog by referring your friends and fellow bloggers.

It is too early, in just it’s first week, to tell if BlogRush will be a success in the footsteps of MyBlogLog and StumbleUpon for generating blog traffic. If it explodes and really delivers on it’s promises I expect to see this little widget appearing in the sidebars of many many blogs.

I suspect that the key to success with BlogRush is to create a free account early and refer as many bloggers as you can. We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, but a little bit of referral work may go a long way in bringing new visitors to your website.

5 Minute Video: Get Started With Blog Rush


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