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GeoDomain Expo: Live Domain Name Auction Features Raleigh.com

By on April 15, 2010

The 2010 GeoDomain Expo will be hosted in New Orleans beginning April 28th on through April 30th. The conference will feature talks on local web business, development, branding, marketing and more. Hotels.com co-founder David Litman will be delivering the keynote speech.

SnapNames has just announced the GeoDomain Expo Live Auction inventory which showcases quality geo, travel and local search related domain names.

Raleigh.com is listed for sale with a reserve price between $1M and $5M. This premium domain represents one of the largest cities in the U.S. and a truly unique opportunity to develop a business around it.  CNN Money ranked Raleigh as the #3 place to start a business in 2009.

Raleigh, NC is just a couple of hours inland from the coast where I live, so I like to visit when I can. I have friends in what is known as the Research Triangle Park, which includes Raleigh’s North Carolina State University and surrounding area universities; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University in Durham. I’ve also attended events like Startup Weekend in Raleigh’s beautiful downtown area. So, I must say that I’m a fan of the city and this gem of a domain name.

Raleigh.com is currently owned and operated as a city portal by the Associated Cities network who are also the hosts of the GeoDomain Expo.

Notable domains featured in the GeoDomain Expo auction include:

  • Raleigh.com
  • Lisbon.com
  • CityMaps.com
  • Bucharest.com
  • Crete.com
  • BeachResort.com
  • FamilyVacation.com
  • PapauNewGuinea.com
  • Cannes.net
  • LocalGyms.com
  • NYShows.com
  • RestaurantSearch.com
  • AffordableVacation.com
  • CaliforniaDesign.com
  • DublinRestaurants.com

The auction officially comes to a close on May 4th at 3:15 ET so check out the full inventory and register to bid at SnapNames.


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