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Squeezing the Good Stuff out of TDNAM’s Firesale $5 Domains

By on August 4, 2007

GoDaddy’s TDNAMFreshDrop is a new service that is provided to the domaining community absolutely free of charge. The idea behind FreshDrop is to enable buyers more advanced ways of finding those diamonds in the rough, quality domains from GoDaddy’s Domain Name Aftermarket (TDNAM). Specifically the “Fire Sale” bin domains which are all priced nicely at $5.

I first discovered this tool on NamePros discussion forum and was immediately impressed by the ease of use and broad range of quality customized search queries. The standard filters are in place to allow you to filter hyphens, numbers, specific domain extensions, domain length, starting & ending keywords etc.

The custom filters are where FreshDrop really shines allowing you to find the following types of domains with a single click.

  • English Words and Spanish Words
  • NNNN and NNNNN
  • L-L and N-N
  • 3 or less Characters


I would like to extend my thanks to FreshDrop for providing this service for free and encourage anyone who finds a quality domain to register by using the FreshDrop tool to donate a few dollars. Your donations will surely be used to improve upon the code and make this an even more powerful tool for domain buyers and investors.


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