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FreshDrop: Powerful Domain Name Research

By on August 4, 2009


FreshDrop.net originally launched in 2007 as a unique tool for browsing GoDaddy’s popular TDNAM domain marketplace. Over the years, founder Tan Tran and his team have worked on many enhancements and new features that have transformed FreshDrop.net into an all-around powerful domain research tool designed by domainers for domainers.

FreshDrop.net is not your average domain search and scan tool. The power lies in the amazing filters, functions and statistics that allow domain investors to easily target valuable domains. By filtering out all the “junk” names and getting right down to the types of names one is looking for at the best deals.

Where Do These Domains Come From?

The first thing you will see on FreshDrop is a list of domain marketplaces and individual areas of interest in certain marketplaces. TDNAM, Sedo, Afternic, BuyDomains, Fabulous, Dynadot, and yea even eBay. The marketplace data highlighted in yellow is reserved for FreshDrop Pro subscribers.


Here is a quick overview of some of the filters, features and search parameters that are not to be missed on FreshDrop.net

Domain Filters

This is where FreshDrop really shines. Unique filters narrow down thousands of results based on specific and strict filters like the following…


  • Language Filters: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Pinyin, Turkish, Italian
  • Short Domain Filters: VCVC, CVCV, LLL, LLLL, LLLLL, NNN, etc.
  • Geography Filters: Geo, Travel, US State, US City, Region, Country
  • Niche Filters: Adult, Auto, Finance, Health, Internet, Legal, etc.

Domain Search Features

Once you have chosen a desired filter on FreshDrop.net you can further narrow your results to find the perfect names with these search features…

  • Domain Extensions
  • Require or Exclude Keywords
  • Require Statistical Values (See Below)
  • Domain Length Restrictions
  • Exclude Undesirable Hyphens or Numbers

Domain Statistics

This is something that virtually all domain marketplaces are missing out on. They simply do not show you the hard data attached to each domain. FreshDrop.net aggregates a ton of valuable data and displays it for each domain. Does a domain receive traffic? Is it indexed on Google?

FreshDrop Pro members enjoy valuable added statistics like WordTracker scores as well as in-depth Google search and advertising data for domain searches that provide awesome insight into the value of names.

Go Give It A Try! Free Pro Subscription Trial

So you’ve read about all these cool features on FreshDrop.net and you’re still here? Go check it out for free!

If you’re a domainer looking to automate and expand your domain research then you definitely want to sign up for FreshDrop Pro, there is a 10-day no risk free trial!

I would love to hear your comments about FreshDrop, please leave one below.


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