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By on November 2, 2007

This article features two of the leading domain news industry print magazines. Check out the links below for some form of free subscription, I encourage you to support them both! Also, please don’t forget where you found these great resources by subscribing to DotSauce Domain News articles and get updates delivered by email or RSS feed.

Modern Domainer

Modern Domainer

Modern Domainer is a newer publication having only two issues so far released to the domaining community. I subscribed prior to the original launch and have reviewed both issues of the domain magazine. Well written articles on current events and trends in the domain industry. The articles within the publication are also posted on their website, unfortunately some of the site seems to be having some display issues and can be confusing to navigate, a few kinks to work out. Modern Domainer magazine has some great potential as a print publication.

You can fill out a form to subscribe and receive a free subscription to Modern Domainer by clicking here.

Domainer’s Magazine

Domainer’s Magazine

Domainer’s Magazine originally published in January of this year, so it is a relatively new publication as well. Their archive of articles seem to focus on information such as domain parking, PPC advertising, SEO and development. There are some great domain news articles too, especially high-end domain auctions and notable sales. See details below to buy a subscription by mail or keep an eye out on the website for the 1 year anniversary issue that is due to be released January. Cheers to you Domainer’s Magazine!

You can fill out a form to purchase the print edition of Domainer’s Magazine by clicking here. A free PDF version is also available at the same link.


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