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Free iPhone & BlackBerry App for Managing Your .TEL Domains

By on April 29, 2009

Telnic, the managing body of the new .TEL domain names has just released free iPhone and BlackBerry applications for managing your .TEL domains on the go.

The iPhone app is called “My.tel” and a similar app for BlackBerry users is available.  More details and useage guides on both apps can be found at the Telnic website.

Search the iPhone App Store for “My.tel” to download this app immediately.

Here are some screen shots I took of the My.tel application in action…

tel-login tel-contacts

tel-map tel-profile

Don’t be left out, grab your name before it’s gone!  If you don’t have your own personal .TEL domain yet, you can register one for $14.99 at Moniker.

The app allows you full access to edit every detail of your .TEL domain.

  • Publish location through a map linked with the iPhone’s GPS
  • Update status using profiles depending on how you want to be contacted at any given time
  • Add new or remove certain contact information
  • Manage folders which group contact details together
  • Manage privacy settings for friends and colleagues

Feel free to post a link to your .TEL domain in the comments below if you would like.  You can find me at MarkFulton.tel.


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