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Four Letter Domains: The New Vanity License Plate

By on December 30, 2007

four letter license plates

Take for example, a domain I registered earlier this month, “RSXJ.com” this was an expired domain that I caught by chance. Mind you, it has been a few weeks after all of the four letter domains were registered. My first impression of the domain name concluded that this was the perfect domain for an “RSX Junkie” or some old Joe, John, Jacob, Jingle, Jack and Jill, all of whom drive Acura RSX‘s of course.

Some people are buying LLLL.com (four letter) domains and using them as personalized license plates.

Source: Michael Castello at Miami TRAFFIC Conference

I don’t know about you, but I want one! I’m on the lookout for an LLLL.com domain that has some meaning to me as a web developer and domainer. If you have any suggestions let me know.

  • LLLL.com Domain Name ~ $50
  • Fee for Vanity License Plate ~ $30
  • Having that hotty in the Beamer hit you up on Facebook – Priceless!

If vanity plates don’t rev your engine, you could always just go for a custom vinyl domain name sticker to slap on your windshield.


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