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Five Excellent Tools for Researching Five Letter Domains

By on January 7, 2008

1. ReadableDomains – 5 Letter Vowel Swap
This unique tool allows you to mimic the vowel placement of certain words and outputs all possible vowel combinations. You type in a word such as “Glare” and ReadableDomains will replace the “a” and “e” with all combinations of vowels (Glera, Gloro, Glary, etc.). The goal is to generate good looking five letters. Results are instantly checked for availability.

2. DomainNameSoup – Random 5 Letter Generator
Yes, the interface and logo are not soo tasty, but the script delivers. Sometimes random can be a good thing. This tool spits out a list of randomized 5 letter domain names and instantly checks availability.
Tip: Immediately look to the far right of the page and un-check all extensions except “.com” to speed up results.

3. 5Letter.com (Closed) – 5 Letter Research
This newer tool lets you input desired character combinations before displaying a list of all possible five letter domains. For example, you could put “DOT” and select “Starts With” to generate a list of every single possible 5 letter domain which begins with “DOT.” Unfortunately, due to the size of these lists, live availability check is not available so you will have to bulk scan on your own.

4. MakeWords – Random “Word” Generator
Yet another random word generator. This tool is not specifically for 5 letter domains though it can be used to find some pronounceable and brandables. Available domains are displayed in bold, each page should have a few available. Tip: Select a page size of 30 and set the length to a minimum and maximum of 5 to start your search.

5. FreshDrop – TDNAM Firesale Tool
The Domain Name After Market (TDNAM) is GoDaddy’s expired domain auction service. FreshDrop allows you to perform customized searches to filter the $5 FireSale domains. Click on the “CVCVC“, “VCVCV” or “Prem 5L” buttons to find some five letter domains for sale at $5 (plus GoDaddy registration fee).

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