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Best Ways to Find Five Letter Domains

By on March 2, 2011

I know a lot of you are looking for short brand names for your startup or personal web presence. These types of domains are some of the most sought after. Most entrepreneurs would be thrilled to have a pronounceable, memorable and relevant brand identity for their websites, apps and products.

It seems right to follow in the footsteps of so many powerful and compelling short brands owned by businesses who were lucky enough to be around while the best names were still available.

You may have a limited budget and are looking for five letter domains that are available to register. There are a few tools available to help. However, you will find that the supply of available five letter names is quickly diminishing in both quantity and quality.

There is still hope for finding good quality short domains. With a little time spent researching at the right sources, you will be able to find five letter domains that are affordable.

SnapNames Advanced Search

SnapNames is one of the most active auction and expiring domain marketplaces. Follow these steps to modify the search parameters. This will help you narrow the results and quickly find short .com domains.

  1. Uncheck unwanted TLDs
  2. Check the boxes to remove hyphens, numbers and IDNs
  3. Input max characters as 5
  4. Set results per page to 500

After scrolling past a limited selection of four letter domains, you will begin to see the big list of five letter domains with the potential to be acquired.

You may also want to uncheck “Buy It Now” results to avoid five letter domains with ridiculous asking pricing. Other popular domain marketplaces can offer additional results with their advanced search tools.

FreshDrop Filters

You can get super fast look at 5 letter domains that are listed on Afternic, Fabulous, BuyDomains, as well as domains expiring from GoDaddy and Dynadot using FreshDrop.net quick filters. Professional members can use these filters across other marketplaces.

The “Reg Fee” selection is a list of domains that have been deleted in the previous 10 days.

  • LLLLL – Covers all five letter domains
  • VCVCV & CVCVC – Help in finding potentially pronounceable domains by vowel and consonant positions

ZFBot Research Tool

The results found at ZFBot will be a little different. First, you will need to enter at least 2 characters to begin a search for short domains. A new feature allows you to place terms at the beginning or the end of a domain. This can be a great way to target a particular niche with a related two or three-letter word as part of your five letter brand.

Select your extensions, set the min and max characters to 5 and you’re on your way.

The domains found with ZFBot may or may not be available for sale. A good sign of domains that have the potential to be acquired is if they are parked. You can also search dropping domains.

When you find a domain that peeks your interest, view the WhoIs information and email the owner directly with your offer to purchase the domain.

Sedo Down for the Count

While researching for this article I was surprised to encounter difficulty finding short domains at Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace. The new search user interface is now using sliders and the option to define a maximum character limit is no longer present. Additionally, the Sedo inventory is not working correctly on FreshDrop.

Update: I may have encountered a bug when trying Sedo. The ‘Domain Length’ option slider now works to search for domains with a maximum of 5 characters.

Short Domains Discounted to Just $19

Before you head off on your search, I’d like to clue you in on a handful of short domains that are now available at the new DotSauce Domain Club.

  • Frawn.com
  • Hapse.com
  • Cozers.com
  • Huged.com

Premium members can buy these and other quality .com domains for just $19 each. There are many other benefits to Domain Club membership, so be sure to check it out.

Best of luck finding the perfect five letter domain. Please leave a comment to let us know how the search goes and if you know someone in need of a great brand name consider sharing this article with them.


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