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DotSauce Makes Final Round of Domainer’s Choice Awards

By on December 17, 2007

First off let me say a big THANKS to all of you who previously voted for DotSauce in the first round of the Domainer’s Choice Awards. Your votes have led us to the final round of voting which ends on December 31st.

DotSauce was nominated for “Best Domain Publication!” The other two remaining contenders are the DNHour link sharing site and DNJournal, one of the oldest and most popular domain sites. Please head back on over to the voting booth and submit your second vote.

It’s a loooong list of categories; you will find us towards the bottom.
Hint: Do a Ctrl+F search for “DotSauce” on the poll page.

Do be sure to cast your vote for your other favorite domainer resources, tools and services.


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