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Facebook: Social Domaining

By on March 20, 2008

Aside from connecting with and snooping around profiles of my old high school and college friends, my time on Facebook is spent networking with other web professionals, namely domainers and domaining organizations, events and groups.

Facebook and other social networks will play a large role in the ever increasing exposure of the domaining industry in the next couple years. The closer we work together and learn from each other the better and more profitable our businesses will become.

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Facebook can offer you a direct line of communication with brilliant minds in the domain name and development industry. Facebook messaging is less-intrusive than direct email. Sometimes you can get behind the scenes access to what is going on in the lives and projects of those people, promising new websites that might not be released yet, ideas and business plans.

It’s pretty sweet that I am Facebook friends with people like Jay Westerdal (DomainTools), Seth Coman (Modern Domainer), Frank Michlick (DomainNameNews), Ryan Stout (Bust-A-Name), Nate Whitehill (Unique Blog Designs) and many more.

Groups on Facebook related to the Domain Industry

Useful Facebook Applications

  • Mixx on Facebook – Social news, photo and video sharing.
  • Stumbleupon – Discover new websites and promote your own.
  • Sphinn: Hot Topics – See what’s new in Search Marketing and SEO.
  • Business Cards – Design and share virtual business cards with friends.
  • LinkedIn Contacts – Get friends to connect with you on LinkedIn.
  • Blog RSS Reader – Share updates from your own blog posts instantly.

Late last year I beta tested a Facebook application which was essentially a fully featured marketplace for buying and selling domain names. It was extremely well made, I am honestly not sure why it is not live and active right now. Maybe we’ll here more from the developer after he reads this article.

Facebook Instant Messaging: Coming Soon!

Facebook recently announced at a press conference that they will be releasing a built in instant messaging application to allow friends to chat with each other. While web based chat is nothing new, it will bring social ties between friends that much closer.

Here is a short video preview of the yet-to-be-released Facebook IM.

Look forward to seeing you all on Facebook!


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