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Facebook Lexicon: Tracking Keyword Popularity Over Time

By on April 23, 2008

Last month I wrote an article entitled “Facebook: Social Domaining.” I received some good responses from fellow domainers, Facebook friends and domaining related groups. Thank you to the handful of people who joined the DotSauce Fan Page on Facebook!

Facebook Lexicon: Keyword Popularity

I would like to share with you some great new features that have been released by the Facebook team. First off is a cool little utility called Facebook Lexicon. Lexicon looks at the usage of words and phrases on profile, group and event Walls (comment areas).

This tool functions similar to Google Trends search popularity tool, except that the data is pulled from conversations instead of search queries. So, in theory the data would be a more valuable and accurate depiction of keyword trends.

Here are some screen captures of Lexicon in action comparing the keywords “Clinton” and “Obama” It seems my man is getting the word out!


I found this one quite funny, a true test of Lexicon’s accuracy. A comparison between the keywords “Party Tonight” and “Hangover.” Perfectly patterned!


Facebook Instant Messaging Goes Live!

I know many of you have been dying to chat with me! Just kidding, but I would love to get in touch with my readers and fellow domainers. The interface is very unobtrusive and easy to use, I love it!

Please add me as a Facebook friend and feel free to send an instant message whenever I’m online.


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