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Facebook’s Lexicon Keyword Tool to Get Some Great Updates

By on September 24, 2008

You heard about the launch of Facebook’s Lexicon first here on DotSauce in April. This keyword tool tracks the popularity of words used in comments on Facebook friend profiles.

Some big news for Lexicon has recently been announced at the Inside Facebook blog.  It seems Lexicon is getting updated! Some powerful and practical new features can be previewed right now and are slated to go live soon.

How Can a Domainer or Developer Use Lexicon?

I can’t wait for the official update to go live so that I can dive in to some keyword research and do some trend domaining. I’m always on the lookout for interesting new keyword tools to use for finding available domains.

Discover ideas for new business or untapped niches all from what 7 million Facebook users are saying TODAY!

These types of tools can also be used to improve your website. By allowing you to explore your main keywords and discover associated keywords, long-tail keywords and negative keywords that you don’t want to be related to. This, in turn, allows you to develop more content and rank higher for a broader set of keyword terms.

Read our article “Facebook: Social Domaining” for a great resource about Domaining related Facebook groups and apps.

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Preview the New Lexicon Features

The new version of Lexicon adds a number of new metrics. The preview version is limited to searches on 17 pre-selected terms, but offers a glimpse at what is coming.

  • Actual numbers, instead of just relative volume. Now, you can see how many wall posts are actually being written containing the given term.
  • Demographic breakdowns, by gender and age
  • Geographic breakdowns, by US state, Canadian province, or UK country (no data is available outside of these 3 countries yet). You can also do comparisons between two terms on the same map.
  • Sentiment over time. Facebook has not said exactly how it determines this measure. You can also compare sentiment between two terms.
  • Associations. You can see terms frequently mentioned alongside a given term.

Preview of Keyword Associations


Preview of Dashboard with Demographics


Preview of Geographic Breakdown



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