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Facebook Domain Marketplace Group Upgraded, Join 900+ Members Buying and Selling

By on May 7, 2011

I created the Domain Name Marketplace group on Facebook over three years ago. Today, Facebook has provided the option for original group pages to upgrade to the fancy new version of social groups.

Domain sales exposure in the old version was decent; as members visited the page the top listings would be seen. With the updated Domain Name Marketplace group, exposure will be brought up to a new level.

Facebook Domain Name Marketplace Upgrade

We now have live notifications and optional email updates. This should encourage members to engage and stay updated on the latest sales listings. We should also begin higher quality domains from industry veterans and brokers.

You are invited to join the newly upgraded Domain Name Marketplace group on Facebook to advertise and browse domain names for sale.

Now that we have to take live notifications and emails into consideration, I will post some rules as a notice to all group members. We should follow certain guidelines to reduce signal to noise ratio. With 900+ members, this group will likely be quite active. Common sense rules will apply when it comes to spacing your posts over time and staying relevant.

I hope that the group works out for the best and begins driving home sales between real verified people. I also look forward to introducing more and more people to domain sales on Facebook by inviting other web professionals and business owners to join.

See you on Facebook. Let’s see what you have for sale!

Other Social Domaining Destinations

You can find the counterpart to the Facebook Domain Marketplace group on Twitter @DNMarket where over 330 verified sellers have advertised domains for sale to over 1500 followers.

Also be sure to join the Domaining group on Facebook for industry news and discussions without domain sales advertising.


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