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Domain Sales Trend: Offer Your Expiring Domains to the Public

By on July 9, 2008

While the idea of selling off your almost expiring domains is not a necessarily new one to the industry, it is gaining popularity and exposure through various avenues. Many domainers attempt to get rid of unwanted expiring domains just before they are up for registration renewal fees.

Sometimes this practice is frowned upon, due to the fact that a buyer will have to purchase the name and pay an additional fee to the registrar to maintain ownership. This problem has led various marketplaces to require expiration dates to be posted or do not allow domains expiring soon at all.

DNForum’s New Expiring Soon Domain Sales Forum

One of the most popular and lively domain discussion communities, DNForum ($50 lifetime membership fee) recently created a new area to be used for selling your domains expiring within 30 days at a fixed discount price of $20.

Why they require the price to be $20 is not clear.  One could sell a domain for $16 and still have doubled their investment.  The fixed price restriction should be a maximum of $20 or something of the sort.

This process is meant to save the domain owner the cost of renewing a domain. It also offers a buyer the opportunity to find decent names at a discounted price.  Otherwise these domains will not be available for several weeks while they go  through the pending-delete process or potentially get backordered.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

It will be interesting to see how this new expiring domain sales forum progresses in a few weeks. Technically you should be able to take note of older posts and scan them for availability.  Because these names are essentially in the “bargain bin” you will most likely find that many will become available soon.


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