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Expired Domains That Made Me Laugh

By on May 22, 2011

I’ve been saying expired domains can be a gold mine for years. Because somebody took the time to register each one and pay a yearly fee, they must have had some reason to do so, right?

I’m sure many of you can relate to this. When doing expired domain research, all too often I find myself in disbelief and laughing at some of the phrases some person took the time to claim and possibly make a website for.

Here are some older expired domains I found to be so odd that I wrote them down for laughs later on.

  • MmmmBeer.com – Sponsored by Homer Simpson
  • LaserFreezer.com
  • ProfessorPeanut.com
  • ChildSwap.com – The latest in reality day care TV
  • OldHo.com
  • RobotZilla.com
  • ChopstickHero.com
  • DietCock.com
  • SpellingNazi.com
  • Weeklings.com – You 9-to-5’ers are so weak!
  • AnimatedTattoo.com – I hope this never gets invented

Amazingly, some of these domains have been registered again.

Since I am going through the May 21st drop list anyway, I’ve pulled some more humorous domains to show these maniacs are registering every day.

  • NordicChair.com – 2012 successor to the Nordic Track, sit and get fit!
  • AmericanReam.com – I’m really hoping this was a typo
  • KnittedVest.com – Sorry Grandma, even GoDaddy can’t get this business off the ground
  • FreelanceGamers.com – Where do I sign up?
  • Rugaholics.com – An addiction only limited by floor space
  • DonutPorn.com – Microwave 8 secs for best results
  • FriendStable.com – Don’t forget to feed Jimmy
  • CrapSoftware.com – May be in-demand in Japan, but my toilet doesn’t have a computer yet

Don’t drink and register. You may break one of these important rules of domain sales; making sure a domain has value to begin with. When it comes to domains, not every man’s treasure is worth $10 per year.

If you’re interested in domains that are truly valuable, check out the high quality expired domain lists offered to DotSauce Domain Club premium members.

Have you seen some wacky expired domains lately? If you remember any of them, post and share some laughs with everyone in the comment area.


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