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High Quality Expired Domains Lists, Served Fresh Daily

By on November 11, 2007

Daily Domain Drop is a professionally compiled list of expired .com domain names. There is no specific theme or genre as far as the names subscribers are sent. However, I have noticed that almost 100% of the names can be evaluated for more than registration fees. Meaning, if you put a little effort into marketing on forums and/or setting up a domain portfolio, you could resell these domains for quite a hefty profit.

Daily Domain Drop

To give a real life example of the quality of these lists, here are a few of the domain names that I have acquired from Daily Domain Drop. Some are now for sale in my Domain Portfolio.

  • LinkBloggers.com
  • TelephonePrank.com
  • AmazingBod.com
  • MixLiquor.com
  • DownloadsVault.com
  • GamingJokes.com
  • LinkPremium.com
  • MonthlyRanking.com
  • AffordableTelevisions.com
  • BuildStats.com
  • Click hyperlinked names for more info!

I have been an active subscriber to Daily Domain Drop for several months now. In total I have claimed about 50 domain names from the daily drop lists. I would highly recommend this service to any domainer looking to register quality dot com names to resell.

How To Subscribe to Daily Domain Drop

There are two levels of subscription to this expired domain service both Standard and Premium members are asked to pay a $2 honor payment per domain registered.

  • Standard Members receive access to the lists upon publication online Monday – Friday at precisely 12:00 PM EST. The cost is $20 per year.
  • Premium Members receive lists a full 16 hours before standard members and they also receive exclusive weekly bonus lists. The cost for premium membership is $60 per month.

Check them out and sign up at DailyDomainDrop.com!


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