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Bringing Back Handpicked Expired Domains! + New Domain Club Offer

By on June 3, 2011

I’ve noticed the need for a more affordable Domain Club membership plan. Our Pro membership (which includes access to handpicked expired domains) has definitely out-performed the Plus offer. So, I’ve got some good news for those wanting to join in on the domain deals at an introductory level.

I’ve made some adjustments to our Plus membership to appeal to those interested in claiming one or two quality .com domains from our inventory each month.

Affordable Plus Membership

Plus members can now take advantage of up to two $19 .com domain deals per month for an affordable $9 membership fee.

Join the DotSauce Domain Club today to start making money reselling our quality .com domains.

Handpicked Available Domains

In addition to their pick from our $19 quality .com inventory, Domain Club members enjoy private access to regularly updated, handpicked lists of recently expired .com domains. These domain lists are made available to Pro and Business level members on our member forums.

Beginning next week, I will begin to publish small samples of these handpicked expired domains to the public here on DotSauce.

The samples will be taken from earlier month’s lists so that members have plenty of time to consider claiming any available domains before they are published.

I have to remind everyone who has the best lists, right? There have been 6 full lists and 2 bonus lists published on the inside since the Domain Club launched.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the DotSauce Domain Club I would be happy to help. Contact me here or leave a comment below.


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