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Exceptional New .Com Domains Available to Domain Club Members

By on May 29, 2011

The latest additions to the DotSauce Domain Club have dialed-up value for membership even further. Our #1 service is offering great .COM domains at low reseller pricing.

Domain investors looking to expand their portfolios and make more sales are invited to take a look at our inventory and other value added services offered exclusively to Domain Club premium members.

Today’s update has a little something for everybody.

These 9 domains are now being offered for only $19 each to Domain Club premium members.

As you can see, there are a handful of short brand names as well as popular keyword domains with promising search volume.

Standout Domains

  • National Diabetes Month is November, so that domain represents an excellent opportunity to develop.
  • Thousands of website owners search for HTACCESS tutorial each month.
  • Baroque Guitar is a great niche product domain
  • A domain with considerable age (6yrs) has also been included, Telephone Prank is a great generic phrase.

And in-case you missed the previous update, here’s a look at more recent additions.

For additional stats, the complete $19 domain inventory is available in a convenient sortable table.

Domain Investors’ Central

With membership at the DotSauce Domain Club, you can grow your portfolio and resell quality domains for nice profits. With just one domain sale your membership fee can be repaid many times over!

Our inventory is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Join today to claim your favorite domains.

Visit the Domain Club features and pricing page to learn about affordable membership plans and other valuable services offered to domain investors.


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