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Excellent Tool for Finding Available Domains

By on September 15, 2007

I have been avidly using a web application called BustAName for several weeks now to find available domains. My first impression of this tool was that it completely rocked! The main function of BustAName is to find available domain names by using combinations of two or more words. There are many features to refine, sort, organize and even save your searches for future use.

What draws me to use BustAName is that it is powered by AJAX so the search results are pulled on the fly and very very quickly. You can include additional words from an extensive thesaurus instantly to come up with some great verb prefixes for common niche keywords.

Example BustAName Search Session

As an example, here is a screen shot of a search session I created with the keywords “Games” and “Gamers”. The domains listed in the screen shot were available at the time of this posting, feel free to take them if you like!

BustAName Search

I will spare you a couple minutes by not detailing every cool feature in the BustAName tool. I encourage you to give it a try yourself and play around with the settings to find the best way to find the types of names you like. If you enjoy this free tool please send a donation to the developers.

BustAName Video Tutorial by Ryan Stout


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