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The Evolution of Domain Parking and Mini Sites

By on November 17, 2008

Domain parking and web development has come a long way over the years. From generic messages to full blown automated websites. This is the chronicle of the evolution of domain parking.  Domainers are shying from traditional pay-per-click landing pages and opting for professional development and innovative software.  See how far domain parking has come and get some insight on what’s next.

Coming Soon! This Site Under Construction

Generic Under Construction Page

Domain name and website owners generally had a message like this displayed to let random visitors know they should bookmark and come back soon. This is still used for some projects today, but rarely for any length of time.  You may also see a newsletter subscription.

This Domain Is For Sale

“This Domain is For Sale” Landing Page

We’ve all seen them, a simple text message and email link letting you know this domain name is for sale. The original domainers first form of domain sales advertising.  This may still be effective today, but less so because most domainers go straight for WHOIS data and then maybe directly to a site.

This Domain Has Been Reserved

Sample Reserved Domain Page (GoDaddy)

Domain registrars caught on to all the massively untapped traffic resource of their customers unused domains. Now you see them quite often, “This Domain Parked Free at GoDaddy.” Some may consider profiting from your customers domains to be a devious practice, but the owner simply needs to take control and direct the nameservers.

Pay Per Click Sponsored Links

Example Pay-Per-Click Page (Parked)

With the launch of Google AdSense and other advertising networks, domain owners became “publishers” by displaying relevant paid sponsors on their unused domain names. There has been some controversy concerning the value of these advertising spots on domain names, and recent reports that revenue from PPC domain parking is declining greatly.

Custom Content Mini-Sites

Custom Mini-site by AEIOU

Many new website services allow you to add unique content to your “parked” pages. This is intended to provide SEO value and the ultimate goal is to get your parked domains listed on search engines which was previously unheard of.  Others buy articles or hire freelance writers to dish out unique content.

RSS Feeds Automated Content

Full Featured RSS Powered Content

With the advent of RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication), content from all over the web can be embedded and updated automatically on any website. Using simple scripts and software domain owners are able to display relevant news and articles which could lead to more traffic.

The Future is Bright…

The future of domain parking is blurring the line between a simple landing page and a full blown website. It will not be long before a domain owner can instantly create fully developed websites with automated content, user interaction, automated product affiliates, photo galleries, videos, article archives and more.


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