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No Excuse for Not Having an Email List, MailChimp Goes Free for Up To 2000 Subscribers

By on February 2, 2011

An email list is one of the most effective ways to sell domain names over time. The biggest domain brokers in the world like Rick Latona, Sedo and BuyDomains all have something in common, they have the biggest email lists. Being able to reach out directly to hundreds or thousands of people at a time is very powerful and is becoming an essential part of online marketing.

In an age of social networking, having a big list of followers, friends and fans is also beneficial. However, Twitter and Facebook essentially run on real-time, so your audience will only see brief messages occasionally. That is the unfortunate, yet necessary nature of the social stream.

Email is different and all-together more valuable than social marketing, because it reaches people in a place that is highly important to them at a time that is convenient.

Now there is no excuse for not having an email list to make more sales and drive traffic to your domain name portfolio website, blog or business.

Just a few months ago, MailChimp introduced freemium email newsletter services for small accounts and has just announced today an increase in the limit for free accounts to 2000 subscribers.

You can sign up for free here. They are  bringing on thousands of new users daily, so be patient with their website server for the moment.

I will say that I personally use AWeber to manage the DotSauce newsletter and email lists for my other websites, because of the more advanced features and tools.

I have become accustomed to Aweber, but MailChimp is a perfectly capable service with most of the same features and many other neat tools. I actually use MailChimp’s Google Analytics plugin for WordPress which mashes up data from Google Analytics, MailChimp and WordPress post data.

Give it a try and begin building your list of regular customers, clients, fellow domainers, businessmen and entrepreneurs for example. You may also want to target a particular niche. It is important to offer some value in exchange for subscriptions; exclusive offers, discounts, coupons, resources, news, or information. For some great advice on getting started, you will be interested to read the latest from Copyblogger on how to get more email subscribers.

I hope you enjoy the fun and innovative MailChimp experience and are able to grow your email newsletter beyond 2000 subscribers! The pricing at that point is just pennies per email and surely worth every one.

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