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eBay’s Insider Source Blogs Latest Trends from Global Marketplace

By on November 7, 2009

eBay’s latest online destination is a vibrant magazine style blog dubbed The Inside Source which features just that, eBay insiders observing and reporting timely trends from the world’s largest marketplace.

If you are a trendhunter or a member of the eBay Partner Network this could turn out to be one of your favorite new blogs.

The Inside Source

Imagine the search data! eBay has 88 million users, 25 million of those are sellers who are posting 200 million live product listings and turning out several million sales daily. From this can be derived global e-commerce trends that only eBay can offer.

The Inside Source keeps a watchful eye on all of the actions, daily searches and sales and reports trends for top categories like technology, home and garden, automotive, pop culture and fashion.

Alongside editorial style blog posts are various widgets featuring top eBay product info.

  • Tag clouds for whats popular right now in each topic area.
  • Most popular searches right now.
  • Most watched products right now.

I’ve already found some interesting data. One of the introductory posts from Insider Source Tech on eReaders closes with this juicy info:

On eBay you can find eReaders from Kindle, Sony, Hanlin and iRex, although the most popular is the Kindle. In the past 60 days, there were over 23,000 Kindle listings with the average selling price around $113.

That’s the kind of detail and insight into e-commerce trends I would like to see more of! Definitely consider subscribing to your pick of the various RSS feeds or following @TheInsideSource on Twitter to stay updated.


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