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Turnkey Available Domains Website For Sale

By on October 11, 2008

DropEntry.com is a promising project for available and expired domain name enthusiasts to share their finds with a community of domainers.

Since I began publishing lists of available domains on our forums and email newsletter, DropEntry was placed on the back-burner.  However, I would like to see this project live on, so now I am offering it up for sale and am willing to help out the new owner in any way I can.


I had originally envisioned a private community of domainers sharing their available domain names with each other.  Each member would have a profile and a place to submit a PayPal donation if you registered one of their shared available domains.

As you can see, DropEntry has a beautiful logo design. The actual website design and CSS were never completed.  The backend is powered by a custom PHP/MySQL script that works well as-is.  Domains are immediately checked for availability upon submission.

Spruce up the design and start promoting DropEntry and you could have yourself a popular domaining website in no-time!  Develop an accompanying email newsletter and blog, sell advertising, implement an affordable subscription fee… the potential is there!

Asking price: $350 – Please contact me to purchase or with questions.


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