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DotSauce Upgrades and Updates

By on March 13, 2008

DotSauce has survived and thrived through our transition to a new web host. This transition is still in progress and over the next few days you will see new things popping up and some old clutter being swept under the rug.

New Advertising Opportunities

The most prominent changes you will notice are the new sponsored advertising positions. As you can see (take a glance to your right) I have cleaned up the sidebars significantly and made room for a few well positioned graphical advertisements. The text link sponsors have been moved, improved and highlighted as well.

These spaces will sell out shortly, due to demand and affordable pricing.
Please read the sponsors page and contact us if you would like information on discounted ad rates.

New Web Host: Jaguar PC

I am very grateful that I was referred to Jaguar PC from several friends at NamePros. I have continually been impressed with their support staff.

Moving to a new host, you generally encounter a few bumps with domain names, databases and the like. I can not say enough about Jag PC support, those guys are on top of things. And, of course, their servers are lightning fast too!

More Updates on the “To Do” List

  • Integrate Domain Marketplace into all pages.
  • New and useful plugins continually added to the forums.
  • Resources pages will be renovated, updated and cleaned up.
  • New and unique content pages to be added.
  • More fresh content and available domain lists for Premium Subscribers.

It’s about time DotSauce held another giveaway contest as well!
Be on the lookout to win some cool prizes again.

Thank you to all subscribers and readers. If you like to read our articles from your email updates or RSS reader, please stop by DotSauce.com occasionally to check out new content, support out sponsors and get involved with the forum community.


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