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Premium Available Domains, Domain Marketplace, Personal Blog and Other Updates

By on April 14, 2009

Wanted to share some updates on the latest happenings on DotSauce and my personal developments.

Double Available Domains Newsletter Coming Soon

The Available Domains Newsletter has not been sent out in a few weeks, so sometime this week I have decided to send out double the normal amount of premium available domains to subscribers.

I usually send this list out every couple of weeks because it takes many hours of research mining expiring domains, filtering and hand picking those that are of high quality with development and resale potential.

DotSauce Premium Members get first pick access to this list 24 hours in advance, along with some other sweet benefits.

Twitter Domain Marketplace Update

@DNMarket is a domain name marketplace on Twitter where anyone can follow to receive updates on domains for sale. Domain owners can be approved to post sales listings anytime through the @DNMarket account.

The service is going strong with over 250 followers interested in buying names and over 50 verified sellers. For more details please read the original announcement.

Also consider adding your name to the Top Domainers on Twitter list. If you’re interested in making the most of Twitter and getting thousands of followers, read my article on Hummingbird.

DotSauce Marketplace Open for Business

marketplace-screencapture-ext2.jpgAnother great marketplace for selling your domain names as well as websites and services is our newly improved DotSauce Marketplace.

The new marketplace is going strong, it’s completely free and can get your names lots of exposure.

You can create listings in auction, buy-it-now or classified style and it’s fully integrated with PayPal payments!

Read all about the many features of our new marketplace in the original announcement.

MarkFulton.com Back in Action

I have relaunched my personal blog with a slick new minimalist design and have already begun to write about some of my interests that are not directly related to domain names.

If you’re into web development, Twitter, cool web applications, SEO, web design, technology and, of course, domain names then consider dropping by and subscribing to MarkFulton.com.

Check out my latest two articles…

You will also be able to see my archived Tweets each day where I often share great resources and articles from around the net.


About Mark Fulton

Mark is the Founder of DotSauce Magazine and a full time web developer, domain investor, SEO and online marketing professional residing in North Carolina, USA. Visit MarkFulton.com for information on freelance website development, SEO and consultation services.