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Hot New Domainer Resources Coming This Summer to DotSauce

By on June 1, 2009

You may have noticed a few adjustments to the DotSauce blog layout.  I wanted to freshen things up a bit and provide more breathing room for our articles and make reading and contributing to DotSauce a little easier.

I am currently working on several web development projects alongside DotSauce.  Twitter businesses like TweetSocial, FollowLists and ThemeHunter and other independent websites.

You can find occasional updates on my various projects at MarkFulton.com.

Each development project or startup provides a unique learning experience. While creating the TweetSocial Twitter Directory I was inspired to convert the old PHPLD directory to a more advanced and feature rich system built around our community.

Advanced Domaining Directory

This new Domaining Directory will feature comprehensive industry resources, tools and contacts.  It is currently in early stages of development but is already an industry first.  Still a few key updates like making it nice and SEO and social  friendly.  Be on the lookout for the official launch and possibly a contest for the new directory.

Here are some of the features the new Domaining directory will sport…

  • Public ratings and reviews
  • What’s hot? What’s new?
  • Easy to use submission form
  • Quickly sort, browse, categorize and tag
  • Create a personal favorites list

If you are a DotSauce Forums member, please feel free to submit your favorite domaining related websites right now.  The directory is currently visible but closed to public submissions.

Hot New Benefits for Premium Members Only

You will also see some new and exciting things going down this summer for DotSauce Premium memberships.  I can’t say too much right now but it’s going to be an excellent opportunity to for anyone to easily profit from legitimately quality domain names.

I am currently running a special discount for full DotSauce premium access, you pay just $9.95 per month or $24.95 for 3 months.  Sign up now to lock in your membership at this low rate!

Current membership rates may go up at any time depending on number of new Premium Members coming in.  The goal of DotSauce Premium is to provide you real world domaining value above and beyond the low membership fee.

Visit the Premium Memberships page for additional details.

Stay tuned for further developments on both the directory and DotSauce Premium.  Hope everyone at TRAFFIC Amsterdam has a blast this week!

Carpe Nomen ~ Seize the Name!


About Mark Fulton

Mark is the Founder of DotSauce Magazine and a full time web developer, domain investor, SEO and online marketing professional residing in North Carolina, USA. Visit MarkFulton.com for information on freelance website development, SEO and consultation services.