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DotSauce Gets Smashed!

By on June 28, 2007

I was enthused this morning to see that an article I wrote was featured in the latest addition to Smashing Magazine’s Developer’s Toolbox! My article “10 Tips for Investing in Domain Names” was included in the Smashing Mag feature

Smashing Magazine

Web Domains: Tools To Use, Articles To Read.”

Smashing Magazine is an extremely popular design and development blog which features rich content for geeks. Thousands of people subscribe and read Smashing Magazine daily.

Some good resources can be found on their list, some of these resources are used daily by myself others will find great tips on getting started in the domain industry. Great listings of forums, blogs, services and web tools all about domain names.

Thanks for the linkage Smashing Magazine. I welcome everyone that is visiting DotSauce Domain Magazine for the first time today! Hope you enjoy my articles and resources.


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