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DotSauce Fundraiser – Offering Lifetime Access to Premium Domaining Content

By on December 20, 2008

My fellow domainers, I am looking to raise some money to keep DotSauce.com afloat and provide more free tools, articles and resources aimed at helping you succeed and profit in our industry. I have never had to ask for donations before, but you could say I am caught in somewhat of a quarter life crisis. Funds raised through this post could really help to get me out.

DotSauce Fundraiser Donations

I would like to make your donation 100% worth your while…

As a big Thank you!, everyone who makes a donation of $50 or more right now will receive a complimentary lifetime membership to DotSauce Premium private domaining content.  (Normally $10 per month.)

What’s DotSauce Premium?

DotSauce Premium is a private area of the DotSauce forum community which is loaded with exclusive domainer content, coupon codes, free scripts and software, video tutorials, high quality available domain lists and more.

So please, contribute what you can to this DotSauce fundraiser and I will gladly grant you complete access to DotSauce Premium for life.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Mark Fulton
Founder & Editor


About Mark Fulton

Mark is the Founder of DotSauce Magazine and a full time web developer, domain investor, SEO and online marketing professional residing in North Carolina, USA. Visit MarkFulton.com for information on freelance website development, SEO and consultation services.