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DomainsBot, how to find great available domain names

By on April 24, 2007

We all know that short, memorable, concise and relevant words are what comprise a great domain name. This article reviews an interesting resource for domain investors and the poor souls searching for a good name that isn’t taken, an amazing tool for great name suggestions.

DomainsBot.com – “Ideas into Names” was founded in 1999, but more recently released a new powerful engine for their name suggestion service. Their engine is used on many “A list” registrars such as GoDaddy.com and Register.com. Surprisingly enough, they have a section devoted to registrar reviews, good or bad.

How to get the most out of a DomainsBot search:

  • 1. Jump straight to the Advanced Search option.
  • 2. Enter 1 or 2 keywords and choose your options accordingly. (Remove numbers and hyphens)
  • 3. Browse your results, you will probably notice some oddball results from a suffix or prefix that makes no sense. This is where you can refine your results to the very best name suggestions. Tilt your head slightly to the right for the LiveBot options.
  • 4. Synonym words generally clutter the good results. If you fancy one or two that’s fine, some of them can be great and you can even add your own! However, I have found that if you choose good keywords, you will not need many, if any synonym words at all.

I did a test run using the method above for the keywords “Hot Sauce” and got the following great suggestions which are all available for registration as of this post:

  1. ~ YourHotSauces.com
  2. ~ EasyHotSauce.com
  3. ~ MyHotSalsa.com
  4. ~ MySpicySauce.com
  5. ~ HotSaucesPro.com
  6. ~ EasyHotSalsa.com
  7. ~ BestCondiment.com
  8. ~ YourBestSauce.com
  9. ~ HotSaucesStore.com
  10. ~ MyHotSauceStore.com

The results list is sorted by the names’ Overall Rank. The DomainsBot system uses a variety of factors to determine the ranking. Understand that the ranking is relative, comparing each result to of the other results in the search. Criteria used to determine the ranking of the results are (not necessarily in this order):

  1. * Strength of the synonyms in the results (how many stars).
  2. * Length (shorter is better)
  3. * Whether the form of the word changed, for example if your original search term was pluralized
  4. * Whether it has hyphens
  5. * Whether a prefix or suffix was added
  6. * The popularity of the top-level domain (a .com will rank higher than a .org)
  7. * The number of times the result appears in different TLDs (among those they handle)
  8. * The popularity of the keywords in the zone file

DomainsBot is an excellent synonym based research tool that I will continue to use for quick suggestions on new registrations. Another great resource which can work right along this tool is compiled list of 200 Prefixes and Suffixes for Domain Names by Daily Blog Tips.


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