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Don’t Miss Joe Davison’s Live Domaining Webinar on Oct. 10th

By on October 3, 2008

Joe Davison, internet entrepreneur and domainer, recently published an excellent editorial entitled “28 Symptoms of a Serious Crisis in Domaining.”  If you have not had a chance to sit down and read it I highly recommend taking a few minutes of your time to do so.

Joe analyzes some serious and timely problems that we as online business owners and domainers are facing within our rapidly evolving industry and provides insight into what we should be doing to correct these “symptoms.”

It is not everyday that you receive honest to goodness advice from industry professionals free of charge.  I personally found this list inspiring and enlightening as it applied to many issues that myself and I’m sure many other domainers are facing right now.

As a follow up to this editorial, Joe is hosting a live video webinar on October 10th.  The webinar is free and you can sign up by email at the bottom of the editorial mentioned above.  See you there!


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