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Exclusive Domain Industry Newsletters & DotSauce Updates

By on May 29, 2008

There are a handful of things we just couldn’t wait to tell you about, so here they are bundled up in this post. You don’t want to miss out on these updates, so take a moment and check it out. Thanks!

Exclusive Domain Industry Newsletters

We are excited to announce that DotSauce will be launching two separate but equally valuable email newsletters for domainers. These newsletters are currently free to subscribe to!

The first, Available Domain Names Newsletter, will feature unique lists of quality .COM domains that are available to register. If you are familiar with our lists from the DotSauce Forums or NamePros, you know that we put time and effort into researching only those names which have development and resale potential.

The second, Discount Domain Deals Newsletter, will feature exclusive discount pricing on quality .COM domains from our extensive inventory. These discounted prices will only be offered to email subscribers.

Subscribe now! Our first messages will be sent out soon.

BQB “Short” Domain Marketplace Contest

The Sony CyberShot Digital Camera Giveaway is still ongoing to promote the launch of the BQB domain marketplace.

If you are a seasoned domainer with greater than 50+ domains or an established reputation on domain industry forums, then now is your chance to win my digital camera!

Currently 11 people have entered, so the odds are quite good!

DotSauce Forums Closes in on 500 Members

While the DotSauce Forums are quite young there is a ton of great content and discussion taking place. Many of our original members were gladly paying $10 per month to access the premium forums which are now absolutely free.

You simply need to register a username to access the private forums. Thank you to all our nearly 500 members for your support of the DotSauce Forums.

Facebook Domain Name Marketplace

DotSauce has launched a Facebook group devoted to buying and selling domain names and websites. While there are hundreds of venues for you to sell your domains, we understand that promoting your sales is always beneficial.

This is intended to be a casual marketplace where you can promote your external auctions or forum sales or sell directly to other Facebook members. Please join the Facebook Domain Marketplace and if you really love us, check out the DotSauce Fan Page!


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