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DomainFest 2009 Domain Industry Conference News Coverage, Photos, Video and More!

By on January 29, 2009

You won’t hear it from me!  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the conference this year.  I was a little late in begging the guys at Oversee.net for my media pass and my family really needs me at the moment.  However, I have compiled a list of articles highlighting updates and features straight from those in attendance in Hollywood.

New DomainFest updates will be added here to the top of the list as they are published.  Keep them coming!

DomainFest Live Auction Nets Only $665K by TheDomains

Top 125 Picks for DomainFest Silent Auction by Newfound Names

Google: We’re Committed to Domain Channel by DNW

DomainFest Global Premium Live Auction Results by DNN

Woz in lalaland for DOMAINfest by lalawag

DomainFest Attendance Tops 600 by DNW

DomainFest Pictures (Photo Collection) by Kieren McCarthy

The Lowdown – Day 2 DomainFest by DNJournal

DomainFest Global Recap – Day 1 by Elliot Silver

Journey to DomainFest by Michael Gilmour on DomainNews.com

Steve Wozniak Discusses Domain Names and Woz.com by DNW

The Lowdown – Day 1 DomainFest by DNJournal

DOMAINfest Opening Remarks by Oversee Pres. Jeff Kupietzky (Audio) by Traverse Legal

DomainFest Low/No Reserve Auction Nets $128K by TheDomains

DomainFest Global 2009 Opening Night Auction Results by DNN

DomainFest Global LA 2009 (Photo Collection) by DNN

Thank you to all those posting updates!  Look forward to reading about your experiences and seeing your photos, especially those from the Playboy Mansion event! ;)  I will see you at next year’s conference!


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