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The Domainersphere is Growing! The Newest Domain Name Industry Blogs

By on August 17, 2008

Originally coined by Jeff Behrendt of DomainBits, our “Domainersphere” is expanding daily as new entrepreneurs and experienced domainers alike take to sharing their adventures in domaining with anyone willing to read. We are ready and willing so keep the great articles flowing!

Here are the newest additions to our RSS feeds and bookmarks folder. Enjoy!


This inspiring and informative blog is not new to me, having launched earlier this year, but it might not be on your regular reading list yet.  Trend Domaining features highly recommended editorials on innovations in technology, world news, trends in business, media, design, society.



Many unique stories about the expired domain catching process.  Complete with insider information with regards to companies who taste domains and insight into claiming a name you want for a satisfying registration fee.



A succulent selection of domain industry articles, in-depth interviews including an interview with Mark Fulton, yours truly. You can get your fill of geeky laughs in as well, DNKitchen will be serving up a domainer comic strip each week.



Speaking of cartoons and domain names… Eric Rice, founder of Domains For Media has launched a unique new outlet for his “domains for sale” email newsletter.  Featuring frequently updated domain industry comic strips on the blog. The email newsletter usually has great quality domains, which are priced on the higher end of the scale.  However, many of the names have reportedly been sold through the newsletter.



While DN Headlines is not an edited blogin technical terms, it brings together the best of the domain industry on one rediculously long and awesome page.  Incorporating feeds from domainer blogs, corporate news, forum discussions, marketplace listings and more.  A must bookmark and you should probably set this as your homepage!


You’re Next!

Did we miss a great new domaining blog? Leave a comment below and we’ll check it out. Also let us know what your favorite new domain related tools and services are. Thanks!


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