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Top Domainers and Industry Profiles on Twitter

By on October 11, 2008

Top Domainers on Twitter

I have compiled a list of domain industry professionals, bloggers and businesses that are posting updates via Twitter. These accounts should be active and post updates regarding the domain industry.

I encourage you to follow all of these people so you can constantly stay in the know on what is happening in the domainersphere!

The first two profiles are owned by yours truly and will provide you automatic updates on articles posted on DotSauce and domain names for sale from my newly launched AQDN.com marketplace for affordable quality domain names.

To be included please leave a comment below!

twitter.com/DotSauce – DotSauce Magazine

twitter.com/AQDN – Affordable Quality Domain Names

twitter.com/DNMarket – Twitter Domain Marketplace

twitter.com/namesugar – Jeremy Armer, Domainer

twitter.com/domainingtips – Jamie Parks, Domainer Developer

twitter.com/godrops – Go Drops, Expired Domains

twitter.com/domainbuyer – Ron James, NamePros

twitter.com/domainflipper – Morgan Linton, Domaining Blog

twitter.com/Sullys_Blog – Michael Sullivan, Domainer

twitter.com/jonathan360 – Jonathan N., Domainer

twitter.com/domaintweeter – Available Domains

twitter.com/LovelyLeighAnn – Leigh Ann Barrick, Domainer

twitter.com/sharonhayes – Sharon Hayes, Domainer

twitter.com/Ed – Ed Shaz, Domainer

twitter.com/indian_domains – Indian Domain Forum

twitter.com/ebusinessnames – Kevin Jackson, Domainer

twitter.com/bidodotcom – Live Domain Auctions

twitter.com/scottfish – Scott Fish, Domainer

twitter.com/domaindiva – Lori Anne Wardi, Domainer

twitter.com/domainingcom – Francois, Domaining.com

twitter.com/DNJournal – Ron Jackson, DNJournal.com

twitter.com/DomainNameNews – Domaining Blog

twitter.com/DomainNameWire – Domaining Blog

twitter.com/DomainMagnate – Domaining Blog

twitter.com/dnxpert – John Motson, Domaining Blog

twitter.com/ElliotsBlog – Elliot Silver, Domaining Blog

twitter.com/ChefPatrick – Chef Patrick, Domaining Blog

twitter.com/teendomainer – Domaining Blog

twitter.com/DomainInformer – Domaining Website

twitter.com/CircleID – Internet & Domains Website

twitter.com/BuySellDomains – Domainer / Domain Portfolio

twitter.com/MarkRoah – Domainer

twitter.com/edendomains – Domainer

twitter.com/DaveZan – Dave Zan, Domainer

twitter.com/traverselegal – Domain Industry Attorneys

twitter.com/nametrader – Domainer

twitter.com/adamstrong – Adam Strong, Domainer

twitter.com/fmichlick – Frank Michlick, Domainer

twitter.com/DNEvents – Domainer Events Calendar

twitter.com/Extravagant – Russel Rockefeller, Domainer

twitter.com/solokkhz – Domainer

twitter.com/r9v – Domainer

twitter.com/bemarnet – Dietmar Stefitz, Domainer

twitter.com/brucemarler – Bruce Marler, Domainer

twitter.com/andrewwright – Andrew Wright, Fabulous.com

twitter.com/jensale – Jen Sale, Fabulous.com

twitter.com/PShilling – Peter Shilling, Domainer

twitter.com/dnURLs – Kevin M., Domainer

twitter.com/alexripps – Alex Ripps, Domainer

twitter.com/reddomain – Kannan, Domainer

twitter.com/Brian_Carr – Brian Carr, NameMedia

twitter.com/BuyDomains – BuyDomains.com

twitter.com/realcostdomains – Domainer

twitter.com/eBuv – David Bleaman, Domainer

twitter.com/pfDomains – Paul Fisher, Domainer

Enjoy and happy tweeting!


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