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Smart Domain Tool: Web Scraper for Chrome Extracts Data From Any Page

By on February 19, 2011

I have searched for an easy way to extract bulk domain name data and metrics from various sources for quite a while. Domainers often deal with unique lists of hundreds or thousands of domains when researching, buying domains and managing their portfolios.

I’m happy to share a great solution I’ve discovered for quickly extracting data from many websites. It is a new Chrome browser extension called Web Scraper and is a great example of a new era in web productivity. This is one smart tool that can be used for common domaining tasks. The application is not restricted to the confines of a web address. Web Scraper can read user input (the selection) and is able to inspect and analyze the source of any given web page.

Web Scraper enables you to highlight text from any web page and right-click your selection to “Scrape similar” data. The scraped data is shown in a preview table alongside features for removing unwanted columns or applying a preset filters for manipulating the data. When finished, the data can be instantly published as a new spreadsheet to your Google Docs account.

I’ve tested this application and found it to be useful within the GoDaddy Domain Manager, AdWords Keyword Tool, Estibot, SnapNames, DNJournal Weekly sales reports, Domaining.com closing auctions, bulk WhoIs lookups and other domain research and management locations.

I look forward to seeing more smart tools that have relevant applications for the domain industry. There are some great domain and SEO bookmarklets and an increasing number of Chrome apps for developers which are helpful. However, there is still a lot to be desired.

Web apps are fast converging with browser functionality. I know there is a lot of potential for time-saving and automation; ultimately making our industry and domaining success more accessible to the public.

If you’ve spotted an innovative or advanced new application that can be applied to domain research or management please share in the comments below. And, if you’ve found Web Scraper useful, consider sharing this article with your network.


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