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Bright idea–Get a Domain Name Sticker for your Car!

By on May 12, 2007

We have all seen them, clunky web addresses plastered in MS Comic Sans font on the back windshields of cars, trucks and vans of all types. Most of my encounters with these domain name stickers end up with a pointing finger and a hardy laugh. Lets look over some formating tips and resources for optimizing your car sticker to return the best results.

The Purpose – Why bother with a sticker for my car when only a handful of people may see it each day? When it comes to domain names, all exposure is good exposure and every little bit helps. A handful of customers, subscribers or contributors to your website or service will easily reward your time and effort. You can’t deny that if you have a great website that you are proud of, it would be damn cool to advertise your domain on your vehicle. Let’s do it!

The Copy – Don’t include “www.” search engine’s don’t crawl your windshield. The first thing we want an on-looker to read is your domain name. Sometimes this is all you need, if your domain name has strong keywords which brings across your message you may not need a slogan or description line. However, if you are like myself with a sexy name such as “DotSauce.com” your on-lookers will be intrigued but confused, so I personally would simply add the text, “Domain Name Magazine” below the domain.

The Styling – Choose an easily readable sans-serif font such as Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, or Helvetica. Your domain name should be as large as you are willing to go, the bigger the better for visibility. Do keep in mind your local laws on car stickers. Do not go overboard on bold lettering, at large font sizes bold styling can degrade the legibility of your letters. Your slogan line, if any, should be short and informative centered beneath your name.

The Colors – I highly recommend using all white as it is the most readable color when we take into account visibility during night and day. If you are able to get fancy with your sticker, a thin black trim or border outline can give the effect of bringing your text off the windshield for increased clearness.

You can purchase car stickers online from various marketing retailers and specialty storefronts. Though I am sure in most areas you can get it done locally at the nearest Sign Shop. Local sign shops can give you more flexibility with design and text positioning.

The best custom sticker service I have found online is DecalKits.com, they have a powerful and easy to use application for creating your own car decals. They also have the option available to outline your text in black. All of DecalKits stickers are made with premium outdoor vinyl.

I personally am going to have one made for my domains, I just have to figure out which ones I want to promote the most! Let me know how your domain name sticker works out, I want to see some pictures!


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