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Domain Name Sales Tip: Less is More

By on June 24, 2008

When selling domain names you need to consider what goes through the mind of potential buyers.  Almost all domain sales marketplaces allow domain sellers to list multiple domain names for sale, be it domain forum posts, classified listings, email newsletters or auctions.

Large amounts of domain names in a single place can be overwhelming to a buyer.  Even if they find value in several of your names they may be unwilling to make a decision on a specific few and let’s face it, they are not going to buy them all.

This idea can apply to almost any industry.  The fewer options a user has to pick from the better chance they will actually make a purchase.

The phenomenon can be attributed to a buyer’s time spent browsing or shopping.  We all have the equivalent attention span of a goldfish on the internet.  A buyer can easily find 1 or 2 names in a list of 10 very quickly and make an offer or purchase.

Give it a try, start posting sales listings with 10-15 names instead of 50-100.  And it should go without saying that your short list of names must be of good quality and decently priced.


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