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Domaining Radar: A Domain Name Registrar for Geeks

By on November 7, 2012

New domain name industry businesses and services are cropping up at an increasing pace. The industry is growing steadily alongside high demand for web services and anticipation of an explosion of new TLDs in 2013. My Domaining Radar is pinging regularly. I enjoy sharing the interesting new domain related businesses I find. There continues to be plenty of gaps to be filled in the operations of some domain investors or developers and the next big idea just might work for you.

My latest discovery is a start-up announced Monday on HackerNews. NameTerrific has set out to become the first domain name registrar for geeks and more importantly to fix some problems and annoyances associated with mainstream registrars.

NameTerrific has been under development by Founder “Ryan” Zhou Tong for approximately 8 months.

So, what does NameTerrific propose to fix? And just how geeky is it?

You’re probably well aware of some of the controversial issues consumers deal with when registering domain names.

  • Default Parking Pages with Ads – NameTerrific believes this is an unethical and ugly practice. New domain names default pages should and will remain clean with NameTerrific.
  • Sub-domain Hijacking – I’m not sure what registrars are still engaging in this detestable practice of redirecting undefined sub-domains (possibly typos) to landing pages with ads.
  • Endless Up-selling – Ryan believes that a few dollars savings is not worth a lifetime of clicking “No Thanks” to up-sell offers. NameTerrific plans to keep their focus on just domains.

TerrificDNS in action.

The other side of NameTerrific is catering to geeks, those who want full control of DNS management with a web UI and API access. Customers can select from two different backends; the standard Unicast PowerDNS or an Anycast Amazon Route 53 cloud solution.

Other geeky perks include advanced DNS features such as Dynamic DNS, Intelligent Failover, Alias Records, and DNS Snippet which allows you to quickly add, replicate and make changes to multiple DNS records.

If that didn’t go quite as far over your head as it did mine, you’ll want to check out NameTerrific and consider creating an account. According to their blog, if you upgrade to Pro membership before 2013 you’ll receive a free 3-month trial.

Let me know what you think of NameTerrific by leaving a comment below. Subscribe to DotSauce to be notified when more new businesses pop up on my Domaining Radar. ;)


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