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Poll: Is Your Domain Portfolio Niche or Diverse?

By on February 25, 2011

Afternic recently shared some insight into the top performing domain sales categories of 2011. Business, Computers and Shopping took the top honors for most domain sales. Credit went to the tremendous growth of eCommerce and Electronics in recent years.

[Image: John Carleton, For The Win, via Flickr Creative Commons]

You should be a happy camper if you have a lot of technology or business related domain names. These are niches that I target when doing expired domain research, though I wouldn’t pass up gems from other niches that have good end-user potential.

Poll Question

In this poll question I’m asking you to share what your portfolio is comprised of. It should prove interesting to have a perspective look at how the industry is investing in domains.

Does your domain portfolio contain names from a specific category or a variety of categories?

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Benefits of Niche Targeting

There are several benefits of targeting a niche over choosing a variety of categories. It’s nice to know ahead of time what you’re getting in to. Targeting niches helps you specialize and grow more knowledgeable about related sales, popular keywords and trends.

Niche targeting saves you from having to dig through the proverbial haystack and can make for more productive research sessions.

While on the hunt for domain names to add to your portfolio, consider your online marketing reach. Ask yourself, “What type of audience can I reach with my present network and web presence?” It can boost business to target a particular niche that you know your network is already interested in.

To get started, create a list of keywords to target on drop lists and aftermarket listings. Update your keywords regularly. Get additional keyword suggestions with SEO tools and the AdWords Keyword tool.

Niche Challenges

If you are too specific, and I’ve seen this often, some investors will end up with all their eggs in one basket. Categories like 3D or Green domains run the risk of any one industry going southward or being replaced.

It’s nice to be able to offer something for everybody. Consumers like to have choices. If you are targeting a niche, you may want to consider branching out to related industries. It could be as easy as asking your current customers what other topics and industries they have interest in.

Do you have any further suggestions for niche targeting? Please leave a comment; I would love to hear your ideas and how it is working well for you, of course without revealing too much about your prized niche!


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