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Domain Owners, Embrace OpenDNS for a Faster and Smarter Internet

By on July 10, 2007

OpenDNS provides improved replacement for your default service provider’s DNS. These new IP addresses are simple to update in your TCP/IP Network Settings control panel. Simply drop in some new numbers & and you’re set! Choose your operating system or platform and follow the quick walk-through here to get started.


What is important here for domain owners is the intelligence of an address bar using OpenDNS. All domain extension spelling mistakes and typos are automatically corrected and a user is seamlessly directed to the correct website. This brings back lost traffic and provides a satisfying kick in the rear to Google, Yahoo and any other company who hijacks 404 pages with sponsored links.

OpenDNS Spelling Correction

I have been running OpenDNS for a few days now and I can personally attest to increased performance in domains resolving speed over my default DNS servers provided by Time Warner cable. This is due to the fact that OpenDNS runs some of the largest DNS caches on their own reliable network. You can also install the improved servers on a router so that your entire home network is protected from phishing sites which are rampant on MySpace and fraudulent PayPal and eBay emails.

This is a completely free service and I highly recommended you switch to OpenDNS. Please encourage all your friends to do the same!


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