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Domain Names at The Core of Online Marketing (Infographic)

By on May 12, 2011

I have enthusiastically shared my view that domain names are the foundation of online business in numerous articles here on DotSauce. It’s a fairly simple observation as every website needs an address. However, many businesses and individuals don’t associate domain names as a foundation of online marketing.

There are dozens of popular outlets and opportunities for small businesses to take advantage of in online marketing today. SEO, SEM, social and B2B networks, Google Places, newsletters, fan pages, blogging and many more elements make up a new way of doing business online.

Web Equity Infographic

I am thrilled to share this great infographic by Google maps and local search expert Mike Blumenthal. It summarizes the most beneficial practices in search and social marketing and places domains strongly at the core.

I came across an article featuring Mike’s infographic on the Small Business Trends blog while browsing the new DotSauce News: Business feeds.

Importance of Domain Name

Mike places the domain right alongside the business name itself. This is great confirmation for the importance of a domain name from a respected local search professional. Mike’s description for the core elements of web equity is as follows.

“A business name, a phone number and a domain that NEVER change are at the core of a SMBs online identity. Name, phone and domain; these elements are the glue that allows for both branding, and for the value of that branding to come back to the business. Pick them well and make every effort to retain them forever.”

Mike also mentions in the introduction that all the elements and online marketing tools should work to reinforce and build upon the core of your business; your name and your domain.

Do you think domain names get enough credit as a part of online marketing? What elements from Mike’s chart are you focusing on the most? Please share your thoughts in the comment area below.

If you enjoyed Mike’s Web Equity infographic and agree that domains are important part of online marketing, please share this post with your fellow small business owners.


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